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A new revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency & reward-based token

The team has created a never-before-seen tokenomic structure paired with mining rewards. This approach indefinitely increases the value of Librium tokens as additional miners are added to grow passive income rewards for all holders.

A word from the CEO:

“On behalf of the team, I’d like to welcome you to Librium! What we have created is extremely exciting and still very new.

I personally had a lot of bad experiences trading crypto that left me jaded for a long time and caused a lot of anguish. After losing a lot of money in a particularly bad situation, I became inspired to create something new that addressed the problems I saw in other projects. When I first thought of the structure of the project, it was to make something - a new system that would always rise in value so that everyone could win.

Lots of projects have endeavored to do this, but given enough time they cannot continue sustained growth. We have seen this with lots of smart contracts. The price goes up and comes back down. People are far less hopeful than they were last year because of all the rug pulls and false hope.

Most protocols are glorified Ponzi schemes, even lots of projects like nodes have to create new tokens because the growth is not sustainable and the project will ultimately implode. The entire market will shift just as it did with safemoon as people see a new breed of token emerge.. changing the entire crypto space as sustainable projects modeled after Librium begin to emerge.

Librium’s growth is real, sustainable, and made to do one thing -keep that chart pointed North as more assets are added to generate passive income for holders.

Librium’s success is inevitable and only constrained by one thing… Time

Please read through our pitch deck and take some time to understand how we are unique.

I hope you feel inspired to believe in us and what we are doing and become a Librium holder. If you're new opening a wallet and buying BNB to swap for Librium can be a little tricky, but feel free to join our telegram and meet our team! Someone will be online and happy to help you! I hope you join us and…

Welcome to the Revolution!”

TOKEN ADDRESS: 0x5f2172b64a33f423bc7f0c48c23f7d3008f7e4fe

NFT ADDRESS: 0xDf6C6E360c13d02104d8c169D90B41947Ff7C9B3

Join The Revolution

Librium Tech | 2022

Librium's position and percentage based tokenomics form the foundations for the project's plans to become a billion dollar project...

Backed by a continuously growing mining operation, crypto liquidity pool and AI trading algorithm. Revenue streams are secured by the diversified nature of the project's infrastructure.

The team is creative and adaptable, as shown by plans to switch between pairing alternation from BUSD standard to BNB when market conditions are favorable. Other exciting developments include current software development to allow Librium to be utilized worldwide, just as fiat is used today. Add to this NFT's and a growing list of partnerships and the scale of Librium's ambitions becomes clear.

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