There are a few different ways to buy WBNB/LIB. we recommend using Pancake Swap to Swap any existing token To WBNB/LIB

Yes, there is permanent tax set at 12%.To find out more about the distributed of those taxes towards the project you can simply read throught the pitch-deck for a detailed explanation.

We also have a buying platform build-in on our website, which can be found here( ).Make sure to connect your wallet, and you can use your credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay to purchase your Librium directly!

You can sell WBNB/LIB the same way you have bought our coin through Pancake Swap.

There is a fixed sell tax of 12% $ on LIB. Transferring

Yes, Every transaction will get taxed.

No, we do not exclude anyone from the set rules in our contract. Although, if a wallet has been compromised, and you haven't lost your funds, yet we are able to exclude the wallet from selling to possibly protect your funds.

Please take a look at our explainer video which can be found here ( )

Mining rewards are distributed in BUSD (BEP-20).

Right now the mining rewards are paid out on a weekly basis, this is subjected to change as the project progresses and develops.

Yes, we are currently working on such platform and are expecting to release this as soon as possible.

No, contract wallet, staking pool wallets and others have been excluded from the top 100 rewards Technology prevents this from happening at all times.

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